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Services for renting your car


Chile Crossing Permit

You can request your permission to cross to Chile with our vehicles. It has an additional cost and must be requested at the time of booking. The adventure has no limits.

Chair for Children

Do you plan a family trip? We have chairs for children of all ages, so they can travel comfortably and safely. Request the first one without charge.


In winter we provide snow chains to facilitate the circulation, providing more safety to your trip.

Luggage carrier

We have luggage rack, portaski and snowboard. Per day $ CONSULT AVAILABILITY.

Additional driver WITHOUT CHARGE

It is not necessary that the driver is only one, presenting a record, you can add an additional driver to your trip.


Franchise reduction

Now it has the franchise reduction service. Hiring this additional reduces the amount of franchise of the vehicle by 50% - Per day $ ----------

Protection of windows, windshields and locks.
With this additional addition to the safe coverage for all the windows and locks of the vehicle. Travel without worries. Per day $ ----------


Bariloche Airport

We offer delivery and reception services in Bariloche Airport and Bariloche Bus Terminal.

Mechanical assistance

All our vehicles have mechanical assistance and crane service. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Delivery / Return 24 hs

For your convenience, we deliver and return 24 hours a day!